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A skilled developer with a passion for creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Expert in various programming languages and technologies to bring ideas to life.


About me

22-year-old developer with passion for designing, developing, and launching platforms for production. I have in-depth knowledge of object-oriented, functional, and reactive programming, and I always strive to create high-quality and efficient solutions. With a strong technical background and a constant desire to learn and grow, I am ready to take on new challenges and contribute with innovative ideas and solutions.



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Turnpuu Consulting Website

Designed and fully programmed the company website using Next.js
Integrated design creativity with technical expertise to optimize user experience.

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Sparent Webshop

Developed a feature-rich webshop for pool products. Implemented search functionality and product filtering for enhanced user experience.

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Pet Market

Developed a fullstack web application using Spring Boot for the backend and Angular for the frontend, aimed at facilitating the buying and selling of pets and pet-related products.

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Worlde Game

A React app featuring a game and information page. The Express.js backend serves the React app and provides API routes for game logic and a server-side rendered highscore page using EJS.

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Cinema Booking Website

A cinema booking website. Users can browse and book movies, with authentication to view their booking history. This app includes REST API, SSR, and E2E tests.

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ESC - Hacker Escape Rooms

A static website built with HTML, CSS, and JS, closely following a provided design. The project emphasizes design accuracy, best practices, and a well-structured codebase for maintainability and performance.


System Developer

Turnpuu Consulting AB

• Webbutveckling • Webbdesign • API utveckling • Testing • A/B testning

Technician / Salesperson

Fix My Phone

• Electronics repair and software solutions • Inventory and other administrative tasks • Customer service and sales • Mentored new hires, providing guidance & support

Technician / Salesperson


• Electronics repair • Customer service and sales

CMS Developer & Technician


• Website management • Customer service • Electronics repair

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